List of all currency abbreviation


Currency Acronyms and Abbreviations
Countries around the world have their own currency and traders learn to quickly recognize those currencies by their three-letter acronym or abbreviation.
The two letters at the start refer to the name of the country and the third is the currency. E.g. AUD is the Australian Dollar. This is based on the ISO international standard – 4217. The table below is to assist you when you trade to quickly recognise the currencies.

The euro as a standard currency has been adopted by 18 of the 28 European member states at the time of writing. Additionally, the euro has also been adopted by Monaco, San Marino, Vatican City and Andorra. Also four territories were dependent on France and one on Britain. In the list below we list the countries’ original currencies and note the euro.

AUD Australia Dollar
GBP Great Britain Pound
EUR Euro
JPY Japan Yen
CHF Switzerland Franc
USD USA Dollar
AFN Afghanistan Afghani
ALL Albania Lek
DZD Algeria Dinar
AOA Angola Kwanza
ARS Argentina Peso
AMD Armenia Dram
AWG Aruba Florin
AUD Australia Dollar
ATS (EURO) Austria Schilling
BEF (EURO) Belgium Franc
AZN Azerbaijan New Manat
BSD Bahamas Dollar
BHD Bahrain Dinar
BDT Bangladesh Taka
BBD Barbados Dollar
BYR Belarus Ruble
BZD Belize Dollar
BMD Bermuda Dollar
BTN Bhutan Ngultrum
BOB Bolivia Boliviano
BAM Bosnia Mark
BWP Botswana Pula
BRL Brazil Real
GBP Great Britain Pound
BND Brunei Dollar
BGN Bulgaria Lev
BIF Burundi Franc
KHR Cambodia Riel
CAD Canada Dollar
CVE Cape Verde Escudo
KYD Cayman Islands Dollar
CLP Chili Peso
CNY China Yuan/Renminbi
COP Colombia Peso
KMF Comoros Franc
CDF Congo Franc
CRC Costa Rica Colon
HRK Croatia Kuna
CUC Cuba Convertible Peso
CUP Cuba Peso
CYP (EURO) Cyprus Pound
CZK Czech Koruna
DKK Denmark Krone
DJF Djibouti Franc
DOP Dominican Republich Peso
XCD East Caribbean Dollar
EGP Egypt Pound
SVC El Salvador Colon
EEK (EURO) Estonia Kroon
ETB Ethiopia Birr
EUR Euro
FKP Falkland Islands Pound
FIM (EURO) Finland Markka
FJD Fiji Dollar
GMD Gambia Dalasi
GEL Georgia Lari
DMK (EURO) Germany Mark
GHS Ghana New Cedi
GIP Gibraltar Pound
GRD (EURO) Greece Drachma
GTQ Guatemala Quetzal
GNF Guinea Franc
GYD Guyana Dollar
HTG Haiti Gourde
HNL Honduras Lempira
HKD Hong Kong Dollar
HUF Hungary Forint
ISK Iceland Krona
INR India Rupee
IDR Indonesia Rupiah
IRR Iran Rial
IQD Iraq Dinar
IED (EURO) Ireland Pound
ILS Israel New Shekel
ITL (EURO) Italy Lira
JMD Jamaica Dollar
JPY Japan Yen
JOD Jordan Dinar
KZT Kazakhstan Tenge
KES Kenya Shilling
KWD Kuwait Dinar
KGS Kyrgyzstan Som
LAK Laos Kip
LVL (EURO) Latvia Lats
LBP Lebanon Pound
LSL Lesotho Loti
LRD Liberia Dollar
LYD Libya Dinar
LTL (EURO) Lithuania Litas
LUF (EURO) Luxembourg Franc
MOP Macau Pataca
MKD Macedonia Denar
MGA Malagasy Ariary
MWK Malawi Kwacha
MYR Malaysia Ringgit
MVR Maldives Rufiyaa
MTL (EURO) Malta Lira
MRO Mauritania Ouguiya
MUR Mauritius Rupee
MXN Mexico Peso
MDL Moldova Leu
MNT Mongolia Tugrik
MAD Morocco Dirham
MZN Mozambique New Metical
MMK Myanmar Kyat
ANG NL Antilles Guilder
NAD Namibia Dollar
NPR Nepal Rupee
NLG (EURO) Netherlands Guilder
NZD New Zealand Dollar
NIO Nicaragua Cordoba Oro
NGN Nigeria Naira
KPW North Korea Won
NOK Norway Kroner
OMR Oman Rial
PKR Pakistan Rupee
PAB Panama Balboa
PGK Papua New Guinea
PYG Paraguay Guarani
PEN Peru Nuevo Sol
PHP Philippines Peso
PLN Poland Zloty
PTE (EURO) Portugal Escudo
QAR Qatar Rial
RON Romania New Lei
RUB Russia Rouble
RWF Rwanda Franc
WST Samoa Tala
STD Sao Tome/Principe Dobra
SAR Saudi Arabia Riyal
RSD Serbia Dinar
SCR Seychelles Rupee
SLL Sierra Leone Leone
SGD Singapore Dollar
SKK (EURO) Slovakia Koruna
SIT (EURO) Slovenia Tolar
SBD Solomon Islands Dollar
SOS Somali Shilling
ZAR South Africa Rand
KRW South Korea Won
ESP (EURO) Spain Peseta
LKR Sri Lanka Rupee
SHP St Helena Pound
SDG Sudan Pound
SRD Suriname Dollar
SZL Swaziland Lilangeni
SEK Sweden Krona
CHF Switzerland Franc
SYP Syria Pound
TWD Taiwan Dollar
TZS Tanzania Shilling
THB Thailand Baht
TOP Tonga Pa'anga
TTD Trinidad/Tobago Dollar
TND Tunisia Dinar
TRY Turkish New Lira
TMM Turkmenistan Manat
USD USA Dollar
UGX Uganda Shilling
UAH Ukraine Hryvnia
UYU Uruguay Peso
AED United Arab Emirates
VUV Vanuatu Vatu
VEB Venezuela Bolivar
VND Vietnam Dong
YER Yemen Rial
ZMK Zambia Kwacha
ZWD Zimbabwe Dollar

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