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New Zealand Country Profile

Country Profile New Zealand (New Zealand) – New Zealand or New Zealand is located on the Australian continent. New Zealand itself is an island country located in the Southwest Pacific Ocean which is usually referred to as the Oceania region. New Zealand has two large islands, namely the North Island and the South Island which are separated by the Cook Strait and several other smaller islands.

New Zealand has an area of ​​268,838 km2 with a population of 4,545,627 people (July 2018 estimate). The majority of New Zealand's population is descended from European nations and the Maori (Polynesian people) are the indigenous people who inhabited New Zealand from 1250-1300 AD. In addition to Europeans and Native Maori, many Asians also inhabit this country located southeast of Australia.

New Zealand is a Commonwealth Realm country with a Constitutional Monarchy government system which recognizes the Queen of Great Britain (Queen of England) as its Head of State. While the Head of Government is the Prime Minister. In New Zealand, the Queen of Great Britain is represented by a Governor-General who is appointed by the Queen of Great Britain on the advice of the Prime Minister. The capital city of New Zealand is Wellington.

In the economic field, New Zealand is one of the developed countries that has high economic growth. New Zealand's Gross Domestic Product reached US$ 189 billion and Per capita Income based on the Spending Ability Balance was US$ 39,000,- in 2017. Some of New Zealand's export commodities are dairy products, fruits, wine, meat and wood articles.
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Country Profile New Zealand (New Zealand)

New Zealand ice
The following is the Country Profile of New Zealand (New Zealand):

Form of Government : Constitutional Monarchy
Head of State : Queen Elizabeth II (Queen of Great Britain) (Since 6 February 1952); represented by Governor General Dame Patricia Lee REDDY (since 28 September 2016)
Head of Government : Prime Minister Jacinda ARDERN (since 26 October 2017)
Capital : Wellington
Area : 268,838 km2
Population : 4,545,627 people (July 2018 estimate)
Population Growth : 0 ,77% (2018)
Ethnicity: European 71.2%, Maori 14.1%, Asian 11.3% and other ethnic groups.
Religion :Christian 44.3%, Hindu 2.1%, Buddhist 1.4%, Maori Christian 1.3%, Islam 1.1%, Other Religion 1.4%, non-religious 38.5%, unknown 8.2% (2013)
Official Language : English
Currency : New Zealand Dollar (NZD) )
Independence Day : 26 September 1907 (independence from Great Britain)
National Day : 6 February 1840 (Waitangi Day; Treaty of Waitangi established British sovereignty over New Zealand), 25 April 1915 (Anzac Day; Anniversary of the landing of Australian and New Zealand Army Corps troops during World War I in Gallipoli, Turkey)
National Anthem : God Defend New Zealand
Internet Domain Code : .nz
Telephone Code : 64
Gross Domestic Product :US$ 189 billion (2017)
Revenue Per Capita : US$ 39,000,- (2017)
Location : Continent of Australia and Oceania

Coat of Arms of New Zealand and Flag of New Zealand

Administrative Division of New Zealand
Administratively, New Zealand is divided into 16 regions (Region) and 1 Territory. The following is a list of the 16 territories and 1 Territory in New Zealand.

16 Region Region
No. Island Region

1 Northland North
2 Auckland North
3 Waikato North
4 Bay of Plenty North
5 Gisborne North
6 Hawke's Bay North
7 Taranaki North
8 Manawatu-Wanganui North
9 Wellington North
10 Tasman South
11 Nelson South
12 Marlborough South
13 West Coast South
14 Canterbury South
15 Otago South
16 Southland South

1 Territory
No. Island Territory
1 Chatham Islands Kep. Chatham
Reference source: New Zealand (New Zealand) Country Profile data is quoted from the World Factbook.

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