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Hi, Brainly's colleagues I'm proud of. Tips for answering Brainly this time are related to internal links. What is an internal link? An internal link is to add a link from your answer or your colleague's answer already in Brainly.

The purpose of these tips
The goal of these tips is to provide a thorough understanding of learning at Brainly.

Background to these tips

Learning theory is not easy. A method consists of many branches and many implementations. For example, in studying the theory of stock trading, we must know about the concepts of equity and debt. We also have to understand the concepts related to time-based money. Surely one answer and question on Brainly could not sum it all up. Therefore there is a need for branches and links to learn about other theories.

Ways and examples, examples of internal use of this link can be seen in this link.


The question in the example question above is related to privatization. And as we know, the concept of privatization is not only explained by answering the answer. We also need to know the background of privatization, why, and how it is implemented. Therefore the solution will be more complete if we link it to

  • 🦄Background to the privatization of brainly.co.id/tugas/4473805
  • 🦄What are good corporate governance brainly.co.id/tugas/3936638
  • 🦄Example of privatization of brainly.co.id/tugas/1214547
  • 🦄Benefits of brainly.co.id/tugas/9903022 privatization
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